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Thursday 17 October 2019     Name day: Lucyny, Wiktorii, Ignacego

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  • Starostwo Powiatowe w Słupsku
  • Swołowo - Kraina w Kratę
  • Port w Ustce
  • Centrum Edukacji Regionalnej w Warcinie
  • Pałac Bismarcka w Warcinie - Obecnie Technikum Leśne
  • Muzeum wsi Słowieńskiej w Klukach
  • Dolina Charlotty w Strzelinku
  • Elektrownia wodna w Gałęźni Małej
  • Elektrownia Wodna w Biesowicach
  • Elektrownie Wiatrowe w Kobylnicy
  • Latarnia morska w Czołpinie
  • Plaża w Ustce
  • Ruchome wydmy w Słowińskim Parku Narodowym
  • Kościół w Barcinie
  • Kościół w Bierkowie
  • Kościół w Budowie
  • Kościół w Cecenowie
  • Kościół w Dobieszewie
  • Kościół w Ustce
  • Kościół w Bruskowie
  • Kościół w Niepoględzie
  • Kościół w Osowie
  • Kościół w Strzelinie
  • Kościół w Swołowie
  • Centrum Edukacji Regionalnej w Warcinie
  • Pałac w Warcinie
  • Źródło Joanny w Warcinie
  • Elektrownia Wodna w Biesowicach z lotu ptaka
  • Elektrownia wodna w Krzyni
  • Żelkowo
  • Spływ kajakowy Słupią
  • Starostwo Powiatowe nocą
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On to the southern Baltic coast between Szczecin and Gdansk, an area lies with unique natural beauty, rich local culture and many secrets of history that have not yet been discovered.

The wide sand beaches, moving dunes, a pleasant microclimate with curative properties, the possibility of taking a brine bath and mudbath all make the area very attractive for the development of various kinds of fitness restoration and spa medicine. In order to preserve the most attractive section of the coast, the Słowiński National Park - the World Biosphere Reserve - has been established between Rowy and Leba. You can admire the beauty of the seaside scenery from a view tower that stands atop the highest local elevation, Rowokol Hill, or from the Czołpino Lighthouse. Over 80 picturesque lakes with the biggest Lake Gardno and Lake Lebsko attract anglers, canoeists and sailors. South of the Słowińskie Coast the "Dolina Slupi" Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty stretches which, together with its protective belt, occupies the area of the middle section of the river Slupia and its drainage basin. All add up to a charming scenery with undulating hills, lush vegetation, numerous brooks, lakes and water reservoirs. In the park the "route of Europe's oldest hydroelectric power plants" has been marked off.".

Rural architecture with half-timbered farm buildings is one of the region's attractions. Examples of half-timbered-buildings with wooden structure can be admired in the North along the "Checked Land Route." The village Swołowo in the Słupsk Commune is regarded as the "capital of the local cultural heritage." The Słowiński Rural Museum in Kluki presents the history of fishermen who lived on the banks of Lakes Gardno and Lebsko. Tourists have 140 km of marked walks and 200 km of bicycle marked routes across the most attractive areas at their disposal. Holiday hotels in Ustka, Rowy Poddabie and Debina offer all-year-round tourist accommodation. Tourists who want to relax in the quiet communing with nature can use summer houses or the accommodation at farmers' houses.

"The county's mission statement defined in the strategy says that "The Slupsk County is a seaside region attractive for tourists with value on scenic, scientific and cultural grounds. In the future it will be a region of sustainable development, inhabited by well-educated, economically active society open to co-operative relationships.".

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