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Kępice Town Commune

Niepodległości 6 Str.

77-230 Kępice

tel: (0-59) 857-66-21

(do 23)

fax:(0-59) 857-66-24






Local authorities:

Mayor: Marek Piotr Mazur

V-ce Mayor: Magdalena Gryko

Council Chairman: Marek Busłowicz




The commune covers an area of 293,43 km2, including:

173,64 km2 - woodland

92,43 km2 - farmland

27,36 km2 - others


The statistical profile of the town and Commune Kępice is shown in the table below (as by the end of 2000) according to data provided by the Town and Commune Office:


Total area of the communes      293,43 km2

Population         10 033

including males                5 069

Live births           127

including girls    72

Deaths in total  88

including females            38

Population at pre-working age 3 188

Population at working age          5 769

Population at retirement age    1 076

Local communal roads  42 km

Total revenues of the commune's budget 1999               11 843 877 zł

Total revenues of the commune's budget 2000               12 390 010 zł

Total commune spending on a program to prevent and solve alcohol problems              96 252 zł

Income per capita           1 235 zł




412 businesses were in operation in the town and commune (as by the end of 2000) according to the number of entries on the business register


The business activities are broken down as follows:     

retail and catering outlets           138

manufacturing industrial goods                17

manufacturing consumer goods              5

fruitgrowing      -

transport services           26

manufacturing-services businesses       32

others  194




The length of commune roads is 42,00 km, , including paved roads 14,00 km.

The frame of the commune's road network is made up of:

- national roads:              brak

- provincial roads: 34,83 km

- county roads: 93,40 km (including two streets: 0,80 km), including paved roads: 82,40 km

- commune roads:          42,00 km


The remaining commune roads are divided in accordance with their importance and function into:

- basic roads:     29,50 km

- auxiliary roads:              35,47 km

PKS bus services - main links:

- Kępice - Słupsk,

- Kępice - Miastko.

PKP railway services - main links:

- Kępice - Słupsk,

- Kępice - Szczecinek.




Solid waste from the Kępice Commune is stored at the communal waste dump with an area of 1,5 ha, located in the village Obłęże. This dump is run by the Municipal Management Company, Kępice. Organic and other waste is stored at the waste dump in Obfęże. The Municipal Management Company carries out selective waste collection -plastics, glass and metal are collected in separate containers. Currently, the waste dump in Obtęże is filled up to 17%.




The Kępice Commune has the following lakes:

- Obłęże - 63 ha, depth 9m,

- Korzybie,

- Przyjezierze,

- Lipnik,

- Mzdówko.


Nearly the whole commune lies within the drainage basin of the river Wieprza and in the river basins of the rivers Studnica and Bystrzyca. The commune is rich in underground waters. The Kępice Commune does not have mineral deposits of high economic value. Common raw material deposits such as sand, gravel, clay and peat, occur here. Wildlife is the commune's most important natural asset: vast forest complexes with a great variety of habitats and thick undergrowth. The agricultural production space (ca. 30%, with 70% of the land having fertile and clean soils suitable for growing fruit and vegetables) is another asset.

For inhabitants


Contact details

ul. Szarych Szeregów 14,
76-200 Słupsk
tel: +48 59 841-85-00,
fax: +48 59 842-71-11
E-mail: starostwo@powiat.slupsk.pl
NIP: 839-25-87-150
REGON: 770979683


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