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  • Starostwo Powiatowe w Słupsku
  • Swołowo - Kraina w Kratę
  • Port w Ustce
  • Centrum Edukacji Regionalnej w Warcinie
  • Pałac Bismarcka w Warcinie - Obecnie Technikum Leśne
  • Muzeum wsi Słowieńskiej w Klukach
  • Dolina Charlotty w Strzelinku
  • Elektrownia wodna w Gałęźni Małej
  • Elektrownia Wodna w Biesowicach
  • Elektrownie Wiatrowe w Kobylnicy
  • Latarnia morska w Czołpinie
  • Plaża w Ustce
  • Ruchome wydmy w Słowińskim Parku Narodowym
  • Kościół w Barcinie
  • Kościół w Bierkowie
  • Kościół w Budowie
  • Kościół w Cecenowie
  • Kościół w Dobieszewie
  • Kościół w Ustce
  • Kościół w Bruskowie
  • Kościół w Niepoględzie
  • Kościół w Osowie
  • Kościół w Strzelinie
  • Kościół w Swołowie
  • Centrum Edukacji Regionalnej w Warcinie
  • Pałac w Warcinie
  • Źródło Joanny w Warcinie
  • Elektrownia Wodna w Biesowicach z lotu ptaka
  • Elektrownia wodna w Krzyni
  • Żelkowo
  • Spływ kajakowy Słupią
  • Starostwo Powiatowe nocą
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Kobylnica Commune

Główna 20 Str.

76-251 Kobylnica

tel: (0-59) 842-90-70

(0-59) 842-96-17

fax:(0-59) 842-90-72






Local authorities:

Village-mayor: Leszek Kuliński

V-ce Village-mayor: Jan Plutowski

Council Chairman: Józef Gawrych





The commune covers an area of 244,85 km2, including:

74,94 km2 - woodland

150,06 km2 - farmland

19,85 km2 - others


The statistical profile of the commune is shown in the ta-ble below (as by the end of 2000.), according to data provided by the Commune Office:


Total area of the commune        244,85 km2

Population         9 666

include males    4 940

Live births           125

including girls    67

Deaths in total  69

including females            28

Population at pre-working age 3 083

Population at working age          5 473

Population at retirement age    1 110

Local communal roads: 68 km

Number of households                1 933

including farms up to 1 ha           358

Total revenues of the commune's budget 1999               11 140 477 zł

Total revenues of the commune's budget 2000               12 928 134 zł

ogótem Total commune spending on a program to prevent and solve alcohol problems             96 463 zł

Income per capita           1 337 zł




661 businesses were in operation in the town and commune (as by the end of 2000) according to the number of entries on the business register.


The business activities are broken down as follows:     

retail and catering outlets           55

manufacturing industrial goods                31

manufacturing consumer goods              20

fruit growing     -

transport services           54

manufacturing-services businesses       69

others  432




The length of commune roads is 68,00 km, including paved roads 6,80 km.

The frame of the commune's road network is made up of:

- national roads: 27,91 km (road No. 6 and No. 21)

- provincial roads: 4,63 km

- county roads: 82,60 km, including paved roads: 68,50 km

- commune roads:          68,00 km


The remaining commune roads are divided in accordance with their importance and function into:

- basic roads:     30,00 km

- auxiliary roads:              38,00 km

PKS bus services - main links:

- Słupsk, Koszalin, Tychowo, Miastko.

PKP railway services - main links:

- Szczecinek, Słupsk, Sławno.




All waste dumps were removed from the commune by 2000. The commune uses the waste dump in Bierkowo, which is run by the ZGK in Słupsk.

Environmentally-friendly containers of the "igloo" and "druciak" types to collect waste plastics and glass separately are put in almost all the commune's towns and villages. Selective waste collection in operation thanks to funds provided by: the the Communal Environmental Protection Fund and the County Environmental Protection Fund.

Because of insufficient funds in relation to the needs, the programme is carried out over a prolonged period of time.




Water - the lower water-bearing level of the main underground water reservoir in the area of Kobylnica provides the reserves of drinking water for Słupsk. The commune is intersected by the middle section of the locally biggest river Słupia.

For inhabitants


Contact details

ul. Szarych Szeregów 14,
76-200 Słupsk
tel: +48 59 841-85-00,
fax: +48 59 842-71-11
E-mail: starostwo@powiat.slupsk.pl
NIP: 839-25-87-150
REGON: 770979683


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